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Description of the site based on the data referred by archaeologists Colominas Josep Roca and Josep Puig Cadafalch which were published the results of their research to the Yearbook of the Institute of Catalan Studies MCMXV-MCMXX with the title: «The Iberian oven Fontscaldes.»

Archaeological Heritage in Population Fontscaldes, Iberian settlement. Scientific studies published up and mentions the notes themselves as a prime site. Currently no element of this site is now in sight.

The oven Iberian Fontscaldes The discovery is due to fragments of painted Iberian ceramics, sent by Fidel D. de Moragas from Valls, who motivated the investigation that resulted in the discovery gave the furnace.

Location: The oven Iberian Fontscaldes is located in the Montblanc Road before starting the ascent of Col de Lille, in the middle of a vineyard in the town of Fontscaldes playing.

Description remains: The excavation began in the oven uncovered remains of walls probably belonging to two covered the mixer and four-hole full of mud debris from the oven.

The oven: From oven (Fig. a, b, c) only preserved the Fogaina. This form is dug into the clay by hand four columns that hold four arches, leaving spaces between arc and arc where the fire came to the cooking chamber; the bottom of everything there is espirall entire width of the oven (Fig. a, b, c). Many bows as the walls are mud annealing, coated superimposed layers of clay with their hands, conserving even fingerprints in some places.

Mixer: In the end, appeared remnants of kneading, keeping them a wall of 2,80 meters consists of a row of tovots, inside there was a fine sediment sludge .