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Contents of the 'calçotada'

Vermut Yzaguirre tasting

CALÇOTS in quantity, cooked on vine shoots and served with ”Salvitxada” dipping sauce.
(made of mashed almonds, tamatoes, peppers, some chilli, garlic, parsley and olive oil)

GRILL:  Lamb, pork sausage, bacon, chorizo, catalan black sausage, garnished with beans and barbacued artichoke. (a mini barbacue-type is placed on the table to keep the meat hot)

Mortar of “all i oli”

Endive lettuce dressed salad

Large toasted bread spread with tomatoes and garlic

Sliced orange fruit soaked with sweet wine

“Crema catalana” custard topped with a thin layer of caramelised sugar

“Porrons” (a catalan drinking vessel) of white and red local wine Alt Camp

Sparkling wine “Cava”

Mineral water, tea or coffe

Liquor shot Orujo

39 €

+10% IVA

Going to have a ‘Calçotada‘, a meal made up by ‘Calçots’ and other dishes that has the origin in the city of Valls. In Restaurant Masia Fontscaldes, enjoy and taste this food that has been gathering family and friends for many years to a party around a table.

Slowly, and by word of mouth, the Fontscaldes Masia Restaurant, has been positioning itself as one of the best of Alt Camp and today is known throughout Catalonia and beyond for their ‘Calçotadas‘.

Run by its owners Jaume Villasevil and his wife Anna M. Vall, it offers the authentic Valls ‘Calçotada’, with high quality products from our land.